ELN Mini Presentation on LLMs and AI

NEaT would like to welcome you to a special online English as a Lingua Nordica mini presentation on Tuesday, January 23 at 5 pm Helsinki time (4 pm CET) on Zoom. If we are going to take these new tools into our own work, we have to know what they do and how they work. Then you start to understand how they might fit into your own tasks. If you have questions or even concerns about large language models, ChatGPT and other AI, and how they work, this is the session for you. The session is free to members, ten euros for non-members, to be paid to BIC NDEAFIHH, IBAN FI48 1237 3000 1522 20. 

About the presenter: Mathias Creutz is a senior university lecturer in language technology at the University of Helsinki. During his career in academia and the industry he has worked on a broad range of natural language processing tasks, such as proofing tools, automatic morphological analysis, speech recognition, machine translation, information retrieval, paraphrasing, and grammatical error correction. During the past year he has tested new approaches to solving these tasks by utilizing large language models for conversational AI, such as ChatGPT.