A NEaT holiday party

  • When: 2 December at 5 pm
  • Where: PAM Office, Säästöpankinranta 4 C 21, Helsinki
  • Cost: Free for members, five euros for non-members

At this year’s holiday party, expect the unexpected! Do you do things a bit differently? Then this is the party for you! If you can’t come in person, don’t worry – we’ll have a post-holiday meetup for our members everywhere on January 5th at 6 pm online, where you’ll also get to test out an unexpected party game or two!

For the potluck this year, bring something unexpected. Bring something for the wrong holiday, or make a savory dish sweet or vice versa. We expect everyone to bring bread, so don’t! NEaT will supply the bread, but random toppings are absolutely welcome! 

NEaT will bring the opening toast and coffee and tea after the meal, but otherwise, please bring your own beverages.

RSVP to info@nordicedit.fi and tell us if you will bring something sweet or savory (but not bread) to the potluck. If you can’t make it and still want to participate, send a photo of your own unexpected dish that you will be enjoying this holiday.