Workshop: Peer approaches to editing: “Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine”

Wednesday 10th March, 4–6 pm

Ever wonder how other editors approach client texts? What choices they make? Often we get stuck in our own habits and patterns of working, and taking a peek into someone else’s editing approaches and ideas can be very beneficial for refreshing and developing our own skills. This spring Alice Lehtinen and Alyce Whipp will host an online editing workshop, briefly presenting their approaches to editing (using medical/health-related academic texts as the source material) and offering two brief paragraphs for attendees to edit and discuss in pairs during the workshop. A group reflection on how we approached the texts will conclude the session. The emphasis will not be on ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ but rather on sharing, comparing and learning  about how we each enter and modify another person’s text (e.g., our mindset, the considerations we make, how far we go).

Come and join us! There is no one and only way to edit, so let’s share our practices and learn from each other!

This event is for members only. To sign up, please email us at

We look forward to seeing you,

Alyce and Alice


Alyce Whipp is American and has lived in Finland for 8 years. She is a final-year doctoral candidate in the University of Helsinki’s Doctoral Program of Population Health, as well as a freelance editor for UH’s Language Services for 6 years and an instructor of courses like Academic Writing and Conference Presentation. She mainly edits academic manuscripts, dissertations and grants on medical and health-related topics, as well as environmental, economic or agricultural topics.

Alice Lehtinen is half British and half Finnish and has lived in Finland for 26 years. After 11 years as inhouse Language Editor at a research institute, she set up her own editing and translation business four years ago. She mainly edits the English of Finnish researchers’ academic articles before they are sent to journals for publication, and doctoral theses. However, Alice also translates a variety of texts from Finnish to English and edits all other types of texts written in English, such as website texts, training courses, reports and funding applications.

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