Annual Report 2018

Nordic Editors and Translators ry. is an organization of editors, translators and language professionals who work primarily in English in the Nordic countries. NEaT was founded in 2014 by a group of editors and translators to network, share knowledge and promote quality work. We cooperate with peer associations and organizations and provide continuing professional development (CPD) in the form of seminars and networking events. The NEaT board and voluntary committees (Education, Cooperation, Professionalization, Media/Communications) produce events, establish relations to cooperate with peer organizations and create content for our newsletters, website and social media channels.

  • March
    • 16 March, English Today IV seminar “A Closer Lens on English Professionals”. Speakers Zoë Chandler, Juha Tupasela, John Calton and Joe McVeigh. Sold out to 40 attendees, excellent feedback.
  • April
    • 16 April, Annual General Meeting at Café Roasberg in Helsinki elected the board for the rest of 2018 and until spring 2019: Virve Juhola continued as the Chairperson, and Julie Uusinarkaus, Kenneth Quek and Ian Mac Eochagáin were elected as full board members. Vanessa Fuller, Albion Butters and Daryl Taylor served as deputy members and Daryl Taylor as Treasurer. Auditor was Lauri Mäkelä. Rebecca von Bonsdorff was elected by the board to function as the Secretary of the Board.
  • May
    • 31 May, presentation and roundtable discussion on Peer Reviews at University of Helsinki Main Building (based on a presentation by Karen Shashok at Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting METM2017).
  • June
    • 8 to 10 May, SENSE Conference in Den Bosch in the Netherlands, NEaT represented by board member Kenneth Quek and member Carol Norris, who both presented in the conference.
  • August
    • 18 August, Annual Picnic in Suomenlinna with guests from Scotland (Rowena Murray) and the Netherlands (John Hynd)
    • 15 to 17 August, Helsinki Writing Retreat organized by JC Events / Jess Kelley in cooperation with Professor Rowena Murray, University of the West of Scotland, NEaT introduced to participants and pre-retreat participants at Bookshop Arkadia, Helsinki.
  • September
    • 15 September, Scandinavian Language Associations’ Meeting SLAM! 2018, NEaT represented by Kenneth Quek and Ian Mac Eochagáin, who both presented, in Malmö, Sweden.
  • October
    • 4 to 6 October, METM18 in Girona, Spain; NEaT represented by Chair Virve Juhola and NEaT members Alice Lehtinen and Jess Kelley (also part of the organizing committee), as well as NEaT member Kate Sotejeff-Wilson and Vice Chairman Ian Mac Eochagáin, who were representing and presenting for KAJ.
    • 19 October, ‘Four eyes are better than two: translating and peer revision’ workshop by Ian Mac Eochagáin, Alice Lehtinen and Kate Sotejeff-Wilson at the Finnbrit Language Centre.
    • 24 October, panel discussion ‘To Flag or To Correct’ with NEaT members Therese Forster, Lisa Muszynski and Julie Uusinarkaus at the University of Helsinki.
  • November
    • 21 to 23 October, NTIF2018 (Nordic Translation Industry Forum) in Oslo, NEaT represented by Ian Mac Eochagáin, who also presented at the conference.
  • December
    • 4 December, ‘Let It Flow’ lecture presented at SKTL by Kenneth Quek.
    • 5 December, NEaT’s annual Christmas Party at Contact Service Union United PAM in Hakaniemi, Helsinki.
    • NEaT finalized sister organization status with SENSE, a society for English-language professionals based in the Netherlands.
  • Member count at the end of 2018: 80
  • Number of followers on social media: 800 (Facebook ca. 550, Twitter 250, LinkedIn 22)

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