Annual General Meeting — April 13, 2017


The next Annual General Meeting will be on April 13 at 5 pm at the Finnbrit Society (Fredrikinkatu 20 A 9). If you would like to join us for a meetup afterwards at Il Birrifico, please let Julie Uusinarkaus know.

The agenda, as laid out in our constitution, is as follows:

The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall consider the following business:

1. Opening of the meeting
2. Election of a chairman, a secretary, two individuals to scrutinize the minutes and two individuals to count the votes at the meeting where necessary
3. Verification that the meeting is lawful and that those present form a quorum
4. Approval of the agenda for the meeting
5. Presentation of the financial statements and the annual report by the treasurer
6. Decision to confirm the financial statements and discharge the Board and other accountable persons from liability, subject to the auditor’s report
7. Presentation of the activities in 2016 and the operating plan for 2017 by the chair. The treasurer will comment on the budget for 2017.
8. Confirmation of the operating plan and the budget
9. Confirmation of the membership subscription
10. Report on education and cooperation by the chair of the Education and Cooperation committee
11. Election of the Chair and other members and deputy members of the Board for the following year
12. Election of one auditor and one deputy auditor. Lauri Mäkelä agreed to be the auditor for 2016 and has agreed to serve for 2017, if elected.
13. Consideration of any other business specified in the invitation to the meeting

We invite all who are interested to come!

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