NEaT Mentoring 2023

The NEaT mentoring scheme is running for the second year in 2023 for members to share experience and expertise.  Mentors provide a few hours of their time to mentees to work on a particular issue. This can be core skills in a specific area of translation or editing, or specific business, marketing, IT or other skills related to our work. Regardless of how long you have been working, there are always new skills you might need to learn. Mentees will have a clear goal or skill related to their work as translators or editors that they want to work on over three one-to-one sessions.

NEaT mentors offer the following:

Specialisms: medical, sciences, academic, historical texts (primary and secondary sources), nonfiction books, public service, audiovisual and subtitling, plain and easy English

Linguistic core skills: Finnish and Swedish to English translation, Finnish authorised translator certification, copy-editing, proofreading 

Writing: blogging, copywriting, nonfiction, academic, grant applications, marketing, SEO, content creation

Tech: Overleaf, tech tools for (academic) editing, audiovisual and subtitling

Business skills: navigating the LSP market, networking, setting up and working as a sole trader/toiminimi, business/entrepreneurship skills and practice

Other: if you are moving into a new field or developing a new skill not listed here, contact the mentoring coordinator who will try to match you to a more experenced mentee.

The programme is open to NEaT members only. If you are interested, contact Kate Sotejeff-Wilson for more information.