What is NEaT?

Nordic Editors and Translators is an organization of editors, translators and language professionals who work in English as their primary language.

NEaT was founded by a group of editors and translators who wanted to be able to network, share their knowledge, and promote quality work. We work to cooperate with other associations and to provide seminars and opportunities to meet and discuss issues with other members.

You are eligible to join if you work as a language professional in English.

2 thoughts on “What is NEaT?

  1. I’d like to join you. However, your payment information is insufficient. You only state the account code, omitting the bank code (like e.g. HANDSESS for Handelsbanken in Sweden).
    I am a professional freelance translator with more than 30 years of continuous experience. I translate from English, German, Danish and Norwegian into Swedish. Born in Norway, but has been living in Sweden for 50+ years.
    I am a full member of Sveriges Facköversättarförening – The Swedish Association of Professionel Translators.
    I found you in a Facebook post on Machine Translation (ouch!) from Biztranslations DA in Norway – one of my clients and also personal friends.

    • Thank you for contacting us! You are welcome to join, we’re happy to have you. The bank code is NDEAFIHH (Nordea Bank Helsinki). Thanks to Biztranslations for the recommendation!

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