Christmas party 2017

The fourth annual NEaT Christmas party was held on December 5 starting at 5 pm at PAM’s premises in Hakaniemi, Helsinki. The party was free for paid members of NEaT and five euros for non-members. This year, the focus was on the British and Irish, with a programme and food focused on Britain and Ireland. NEaT provided the food […]

Seminar: Electronic Resources for Language Professionals

September 14, 2017 Time: 16.00–18.00 Venue: Vuorikatu 5C, Multimedia room, 1st floor (with 20 computers available for participants) Open with no fee to NEaT members   Electronic Resources for Language Professionals Have you ever wondered what on-line tools other language professionals use to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their work? In this training we […]

Annual NEaT summer picnic on Suomenlinna

Join us on August 19 for our annual NEaT picnic on Suomenlinna! We will meet at 1pm on Kustaanmiekka, on the far end of the island (see the southernmost point on the map), in the same place as last year. There are stairs leading down to nice, flat rocks by the sea. It can be […]

2016 Christmas party

Save the date! The annual NEaT Christmas party and the first NEaT Translation Slam will be held on December 5 at 5 pm. The party is free for paid members, but five euros for non-members. NEaT is excited to host our first Translation Slam. Translation slams, or translation duels, are innovative events where participants compete […]

Roundtable Style Discussion I summary: serial comma, singular they and passive voice

Nordic Editors and Translators hosted the first roundtable discussion on grammar and style issues on 7 October 2016 at the Finnbrit Society. Rebecca von Bonsdorff led the discussion with the help of Alice Lehtinen and Terese Forster. This session covered the serial comma, singular they and the passive voice. Summary: Three grammatical subjects were presented by […]

NEaT announces partnership with Finnbrit

Nordic Editors and Translators are happy to announce partnership with Finnbrit, also known as The Finnish-British Society. The society was formed already in 1926 and currently operates in Punavuori where they provide English-language training and examinations as well as a hub of cultural activities Finnbrit offers a wide range of open language courses with over 60 years of experience in […]

Invitation to Annual General Meeting 2016

Dear NEaT Members and those interested to join the association: Welcome to our second annual general meeting as a registered organization! It will be held 5 April 2016 at Klaavuntie 11 in Puotila, Helsinki at 17:00. The meeting will conduct the standard business specified in Article 12 of our Constitution. The agenda from Article 12 is […]

English Today II

English Today: The Successful Language Professional Nordic Editors and Translators and the Finnbrit Society are pleased to present the second annual English Today seminar on March 11 from 3 to 7 pm. This year’s English Today is all about helping the language professional succeed. The main part of the programme is an intensive seminar on […]

Lecture: English matters in the multilingual reality of multinational companies

What English is the “right” English to use for business talk? What about for corporate texts? Does it differ from company to company? Nordic Editors and Translators is pleased to invite you to a special lecture on 20 April following the theme English in Business & Business in English: English matters in the multilingual reality […]